July 19, 2018
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AEN - the Ascension Employment Network - your parish's free, self-help employment organization,  has two primary missions:

  1. To help the unemployed, under-employed, those in career transition
  2. To enlist the support of employed parishioners in sourcing job opportunities.

The AEN Office is located in the basement of the Little Church.  Contact:  636-530-9017 (voicemail 24/7), aen@ascensionchesterfield.org or Shirley Valentino, Volunteer, 636-536-1054(h), for further information/help. 


AEN offers guidance and support for job seekers in their quest to find permanent employment, focusing on maintaining two primary tools:

CEN Website: www.catholicemploymentnetwork.org

Job posting emails:  Job seekers can subscribe to the emails on the home page of www.catholicemploymentnetwork.org.


AEN members are encouraged to use the numerous job search resources available throughout the St. Louis area, ex:  BBJ, Missouri Career Center/SLATE.   Additionallly, local Catholic parishes have active employment groups under the banner of the Catholic Employment Network (CEN).  Details are available online:  www.catholicemploymentnetwork.org.


As an employed parishioner - thankful for your numerous blessings - you can help the unemployed is several ways:

  • Alert AEN of any open positions.  Involvement is minimal and confidential.  All you need do is phone/email AEN with a brief job description and contact person.  The opening is emailed to AEN candidates who would make the contact directly if qualified.
  • Offer to provide networking contacts in your line of business.
  • Offer to mentor someone looking for employment.
  • Offer a prayer for our unemployed.

Any help/support you are able to give to AEN members will be sincerely appreciated.

Remember: The difficulties of life should make us "better" not "bitter"!

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